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Welcome to the Log Book entries for the Water Adventure. Originally posted on Travelblog, these log entries reached over 100 subscribers and countless casual readers. I hope you enjoy them too!

The entries have been split into 3 categories: Pacifico, Indico, and Atlantico. Click on any of the number icons or photos below to read the corresponding log entry.
The Pacifico Project

Canada Canada San Blas 1 San Blas 2 San Blas 3 Panama Canal Galapagos 32 Days at Sea Marquesas Tuamotu Atolls Suwarrow Fiji Vanuatu Cairns Australia
- Panama to Australia
- December 2007 to August 2008

The adventure began in Kingston, Canada while prepared for the journey. In December 2007, I flew to the San Blas Islands of Panama for a 500-mile shakedown in the Caribbean.

Passing through the Panama Canal, I entered the Pacific Ocean and sailed to the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, finally arriving to Australia in August.


The Adventure Begins!
28 December 2007

Snorkeling in the San Blas
15 January 2008


Mola Madness!
25 January 2008

The Chicha Chronicles
2 February 2008
Panama Canal: Saying Goodbye..
4 March 2008
The Galapagos Islands
25 March 2008
The Long Haul: 6000km to Polynesia
1 May 2008

Puaa oa in the Marquesas
3 May 2008

Black Pearls of the Dangerous Archipelago
15 May 2008
Suwarrow and the Escape from Paradise
28 May 2008
Fiji: The Land of Bula!
1 July 2008
Tanna: We Came for the BBQ!
15 July 2008
Pacifico Project is Complete!
1 August 2008
The Indico Project
Darwin Australia Bali 10 Days at Sea Reunion Richard's Bay Cape of Good Hope Gansbaai
- Australia to South Africa
- August 2008 to December 2008

After squeezing through the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea, I sailed westward into the Indian Ocean.

Exotic stopovers included Bali, Christmas Island, Cocos-Keeling, Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion, before touching continental land at Richard's Bay and Durban, South Africa.

In late November, I rounded the Cape of Good Hope and landed in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Indico Project: A New Challenge
31 August 2008
Bali: Life in Full Splendor
15 September 2008
Painting a white line...
11 October 2008
The Hidden Cirques of La Réunion
26 October 2008
In Search of Good Dung
13 November 2008
Rounding the Cape of Storms
22 November 2008
A Dinner Date with Man-Eaters
17 December 2008
The Atlantico Project
  St Helena 3 weeks at sea Salvador Recife Caribbean Sea San Blas 4
- South Africa to Panama
- January 2009 to April 2009

After a long break in South Africa, I resumed the sail westward, crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a quick stop in St. Helena before reaching the coast of Brazil.

The last portion of the journey visited Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Martinique, and several islands and cayes along the way.

I finally arrived to the San Blas Islands after 16 months of ocean travel - what an unforgettable moment. I had made it all the way around!

What Happened to the 700th?
13 January 2009
A Race Across the Pond
26 January 2009
Atlantic Ocean Beard-Growing
1 February 2009
Carnaval in the Pouring Rain
22 February 2009
1000 Miles to Go!
29 March 2009
Circumnavigation of the World by Sailboat
20 April 2009
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