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Sailing to St. LuciaAh, the warm, sweet waters of the Caribbean Sea. It's good to be back!

This is just a sum-up blog of the Atlantico Project, with random pictures from Brazil, Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Martinique. I finally disembarked from "Strega", the yacht I had been sailing on since Australia while on an Around-the-World sailing rally. We came in 2nd over the finish line in St. Lucia.

Wish me luck - as you head this, I am sailing westward once again. This is the final passage of the adventure and the next time I see land, it will be a shore I have seen before. I'm headed to where it all began in December 2007 - the San Blas of Panama! (Remember Mola Madness?)

After a short stay to stock up on molas and bananas, we will be headed to the Canal. I expect to cross the imaginary line which marks my circumnavigation before the end of April, and will raise a glass of champagne to each of you who have followed and supported me throughout this journey - thanks for helping make it happen!


-- Note: Photo credit to Donna H.

The Polluted Waters of Brazilian Harbours
The scariest moment of the journey.. til we realized it was a doll. (KO)
Everyone Loves Ice Cream
But just remember to floss afterward. (DH)
Brazil is so dangerous, even the Lord has to arm himself. (DH)
Clocking River Miles
Windsurfing up the rivers of Brazil (DH)
Watch out for Piranhas!
Baía de Todos os Santos, Salvador, Brazil (DH)
Looking Good, Carlos!
Downtown Recife, Brazil (DH)
Where less is more
Morro Sao Paulo Beach (DH)
Recife from Olinda
Olinda, Brazil
Red Alert!
Running under spinnaker off the coast of Guyana
A Cirque de Soleil Moment
Just a little boom-walking. Broke into the Charleston moments after... (ZW)
Welcome to the Port of Scarborough....Tobago!
For some reason, I felt at home here.
Kings Bay, Tobago
Where time, inexplicably, stands still.
From the Nutmeg Factory
Expected Flight Delays in Grenada
Random Boat Photo: Winches
Saltwhistle Bay
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
The Finish Line
All Hands on Deck!
Incoming airborne beer assault in St. Lucia.
Andreas and Clive
Celebrating after the finish line
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