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The Hidden Cirques of La Réunion Previous Log
Date: 26 October 2008 Next Log
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Very Rugged, Very ReunionA short greeting from Ile de la Réunion, a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean.

Never heard of it? Me neither until recently. She lies 1 day downwind from Mauritius and is a French possession. In the south, there is an active volcano which occaisonally has a major eruption (but sputters and tosses just a little lava every day).

A long time ago, there would have been total seismic chaos. Now, in the center of the island lie 3 ancient, extinct cirques - collapsed volcanic craters - which provide the ultimate hiking experience. Never mind the drone of expedition helicopters above and noisy day-trippers on the trail.. if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, strap on a heavy backpack, eat "franks-and-beans à la hobo", sleep under the stars and hike the cirques til you puke!


Note: Photo credit to A. Armitage

I am le tired.
Armistice takes a well-earned breather.
Morning Tea: Hobo Style!
Alex (aka Armistice) prepares Earl Grey in his campfire-burnt can of "epinards en branches"
Hobo Made, Hobo Approved!
Onward through the fog!
Martin and Clive push on, despite all odds against survival.
Nowhere to go but up!
Up and over one of the more difficult sections of the trail..
Challenge me!
Ropes? We don't need no stinkin' ropes!
Hold still, Martin!
Dude, those suckers who read my blog will believe anything!
Les Trois Roches
The Hobo-Hero Sandwich
A hard day on the trail earns you France-subsidized bagettes and cassoulet - together at last!
Don't stare too hard.
Camping Forbidden Here
Helicopter pad. Nap at your own risk!
Hiking Checklist:
One Jetpack please!
The Cirque
Look up! Waaaay Up! It's the ancient crater wall.
A House in the Hills
T-minus 30 minutes til Sundowners!
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