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Fiji: The Land of Bula! Previous Log
Date: 1 July 2008 Next Log
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Whoa, this is Fiji...?They used to say that the world was flat, and if you sailed to the end, you'd plummet over the edge into an abyss..


I'm now in the Eastern Hemisphere, having crossed the International Date Line and 180-degree mark. No abyss to be seen! I'm now in Fiji, the land of Bula, which is the Fijian word for "hello". If you visit, you'll hear it all day long.

Snizzle Central!Not much else to report, but I can safely say Fijans have been the friendliest people in my South Pacific experience. There are some small culture shocks, such as how people ask for gifts. The customs official came aboard, poked through our stuff, went through our wallets, and then asked if we had any iPods or DVDs or clothes that we would like to give him as a gift. I think he got a tshirt out of the ordeal, and he seemed disappointed about that.

Where "Castaway" was filmedThe recent history of Fiji has seen an incredible amount of Indians introduced to the population by Europeans to "help" deforest huge swaths of land and work in the sugarcane fields. Some places are half native Fijan, half Indo-Fijan. It brings up some really interesting political and cultural questions. The native Fijans are desperate to hold onto their traditions, heritage, and political and financial power. The Indians born here are proud Fijan citizens who want equal rights to purchase land, make a living and practice their religion.

I find myself wondering..

What are the true values of tradition and Fijian Dancing Ladiesheritage? How much of it is worth holding onto? How much can we realistically expect immigrants to embrace? How much of it is an excuse to discriminate?

Does government have a right to steer individual citizens on a predetermined course in life?

Return of the Snizzlefish - Re-return to the Blue Lagoon, sans Jean Simmons or Brooke ShieldsIf we can't choose our skin colour or where we are born and if you could have just as easily been born in Africa or Asia, do 2nd generation immigrants deserve to be given the same rights and freedoms as a native?

After a wild chase across the high seas, I finally caught up with my friends from Panama - Zach and Cody - and caught a ride on their boat for a couple of weeks of snorkeling and feasting! We are headed west to the mysterious islands of Vanuatu, and surely shenangians will ensue..

Enjoy the photos! BULA!

NOTE: Hiking, dancing and underwater photos taken by Zach and Cody. Sunset photos taken by me!

Fijan Dancing Position #1
Fijan Dancing Position #2
Get Set...
Fijan Dancing Position #3
Soaking up the sun.
Hiking up the mountain.
Stuffing my face with chocolate.
Do Clowns Frown?
Fish Eggs and Glue
Welcome to the Aquarium
i love blue fishies
Snizzlefish Snaggler
When Clown Fish Attack!
Hey, that ain't Nemo! Oh crap! Cheese it!
Fijian Garden
Millions of years in the making..
My Latest Ride: Ideal
Zach and Cody livin' the dream!
Headed West!
Next stop, Vanuatu!
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