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Fire Adventure
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Water Adventure
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Earth Adventure
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The Adventure Begins!  
Date: 28 December 2007 Next Log
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Welcome to the Pacifico Project: A Plan to Hitchhike the Pacific Ocean!

What: A scheme to sail the world's oceans!
How: Lacking a sailboat, it only seemed obvious to hitchhike.
When: Departure set for December 28, 2007.
Where: The plan is to land in Panama City, then fly to Puerto Obaldia, on the edge of the legendary No Man's Land of Latin America, the Darien Gap, between Panama and Columbia, and begin hitchhiking.

WHY?! To seek pleasure in all it's worldly and wonderful forms, baby!

The Specifics:

  1. hit the beach on the Caribbean coast
  2. stick out my thumb
  3. find a boat headed north into the San Blas Islands
  4. sail towards the Panama Canal
  5. enter the Pacific Ocean and beyond!

Hitchhike Training - Seems pretty easy, in theory..In closing, I would like to thank my family and friends for your amazing support and encouragement! Also, a HUGE Thanks to the crew at Pride Marine, who I consider as family/friends/quasi-sponsors!

Now, after training for 19 months in Kingston with the specific goal of hitchhiking the oceans, it's time!

Ready? Set? Let's Go!

Training in Progress
This is how we do it.
No Pain, No Gain
The Training Continues..
Dressed for Success
The Human Banana

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