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Sailing Around the World by Hitchhiking
Status: Circumnavigation Completed!
Result: $2770 Raised for Able Sail Kingston!

Water. Constantly changing its form, the element of water is the perfect inspiration for an adventure which can teach one to be more patient, adaptive and open-minded.

I grew up sailing with my father, who taught me how to love the art of sailing - the art of movement just by harnessing the elements. I had always wondered what it would be like to sail around the world. It just seemed like the kind of thing you do later in life. But why wait to start living your dreams? When exactly is later?

So I booked a ticket to Panama, went down to the dock and stuck out my thumb. After 16 months and 25,000 nautical miles (over 46,000 kilometres), I returned to my starting point in the San Blas Islands of Panama! For a map of the journey, visit the Itinerary/Position indicator.

That's the short story anyway. Make sure to visit the Log Book to get the full story (with photos), or watch my Films. As well, if you enjoy my writing, download a copy of my Magazine Article "Around the World by Thumb", published in Cruising World magazine (July 2011 issue), a retrospective look at one particular cold, wet, dreary night on the Indian Ocean.

I would like to thank everyone who provided Project Support.


I returned to Canada, and following "Stinky Feet tradition", set about raising funds for a fantastic organization which embodies the spirit of adventure: Able Sail Kingston!

Able Sail's goal is to support the youth and people with disabilities in Ontario to achieve personal success through the sport of sailing.

By writing a magazine article (details coming in December 2010), and from the ticket sales of public speaking, the adventure has raised over $2770 for Able Sail Kingston! A recording of the public speaking is now online on the Films page.

Follow your dreams and see where life takes you!

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