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"There are no lights tonight; no stars, no ships, not even the glow from a reading lamp illuminates the companionway. Somehow, the crew is finding sleep tonight despite being tossed in their bunks. It has been, after all, a tough week..."

If you happened to pick up a copy of the July 2011 issue of Cruising World magazine, you might have noticed some familiar images gracing the Contents page as well as in an article entitled "Around the World by Thumb".

The article aimed to bring you a bit closer to the experience of being behind the helm, on a dark, cold night in the middle of a formidable ocean, while looking back on the events in life which brought you to this strange and primordial place - and by that, I mean both the world around you and the one inside your head. The article is indeed a true story.

"Around the World by Thumb" won second place in the category of "Boating Lifestyles" during the annual BWI (Boating Writers International) awards, which reward excellence in marine journalism.

To download a PDF of the entire article (suitable for reading), click here.

You can also read the article on Cruising World's web site.

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