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Fire Adventure
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Earth Adventure
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Exploring the Essence of Canada
Status: Biking Complete! Reached Halifax after 8018 kilometres!

Fire. The element of energy, movement, and passion, The opportunity to learn more about the fire that burns within oneself.

This adventure was a hands-on, feet-dirtying exploration across our great country - from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean - by bicycle. This journey covered 8018 km and took 68 days of pedaling (79 days total, including rest days).

The purpose of this adventure was to..

  • Raise funds for the Trans Canada Trail
  • Harvest solar power to supply 100% of my electricity needs
  • Share compelling and entertaining stories/photos about Canada

Feel free to watch the video below for an introduction to the adventure.

Learn more about the adventure:

The Cause was - AND STILL IS - to raise funds for the Trans Canada Trail!

Donate Now to the Trans Canada Trail and show your support!

Journal Entries will be uploaded periodically so you can follow along! I look forward to sharing stories with you about our great country, from coast to coast - more are being uploaded in the future!

Itinerary & Route is where I went. Download GPS tracks and view maps.

Equipment is where you can learn about the bike and trailer. For nearly 80 days, I was a fairly self-sufficient road warrior, even generating my own electricity for satellite navigation, communications and entertainment.

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