Trailer with 93L waterproof bag

  • modified with styrene side panels
  • tent, light sleeping bag, air mattress
  • multi-fuel stove, pots/pans, cutlery
  • water filter, solar shower
  • food cannister (Lexan)
  • laptop
  • 20W solar panel & electrical system

12V Electrical System

Perhaps it's possible to ride across the country without solar panels as done in the past, but in this modern age, just about everything requires electricity; lights, phone, radio, laptop, camera, GPS, you name it!

In total, I have calculated my electricity needs to be about 3 Amp hours (36 Watt hours) per day. With a total of 20W of solar panels on board, I can produce that amount with 2-3 hours of sunlight in ideal conditions!

The main solar panel is connected to a small 12 volt battery (5 Amp Hours) via a charge controller to prevent overcharging.