• Biking clothes
    • Padded bike shorts - underwear type (2 pairs)
    • Nylon shorts (1 pair)
    • Synthetic tank top
    • Long sleeved UV shirt
    • Sport socks (2 pairs)
    • Biking gloves
    • Thin fleece softshell
    • Clip-in biking shoes
  • Rain Gear
    • Light rain shell
    • Goretex Booties (to cover clip-in shoes)
    • Rain Pants (for camp)
  • Evening/City Clothes
    • Crocs footwear
    • 2 pairs underwear
    • 1 pair of long underwear
    • 1 nice t-shirt, quick dry material - no cotton!
    • Zip-off nylon pants/shorts combination
    • Medium-thick fleece pullover
    • Balaclava, warm socks, thin fleece gloves, ball cap
  • Extra Gear
    • Pack chamois towel, hanky, bug jacket, sunscreen 50 Factor, sunglasses


My food cache ranged in size from "just a few hours worth" to up to 4 days, depending on the length of time I would be between provisioning.

I found it ideal to carry a bag of oats as breakfast and emergency food, plus 2 litres of water at all times. Usually breakfast would be a bowl of oats and a couple of fruits. Lunch would be anything I could find at convenience stores or supermarkets. Dinner would consist of leftover lunch food, as well as about 2 litres of cooked pasta/rice (usually 2 "Liptons Sidekicks" packages plus a handful of pasta) with veggies and canned meat. Sometimes dessert would follow, plus a cup of hot coffee or tea.

I used a Lexan bear-proof cannister, which I found to be much more convenient to store - rather than throwing a rope into a tree every night!