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Fire Adventure
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Earth Adventure
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Canada has been crossed by bicycle before. However, this adventure has a twist; in this modern age of communication and satellite navigation, for possibly the first time you'll be able to follow this bicycle journey via photos, videos, blogs and maps as it happens over the Internet.

As a tribute to the element of fire, you'll be connected to this adventure thanks to the power of the sun! While on the road, 100% of my electricity needs will be harnessed from solar power.

My bicycle is a 24-speed Kona Dew with alloy frame and steel fixed front fork. I have made a few minor modifications for long distance touring.

Like most adventures, equipment plays a major role in the journey. A relatively tiny package (bike and trailer) is not just my transportation; it will be my home for up to 80 days. It is a combination of shelter, clothing, food, and repair materials.

Equipment provides not just the essentials of life but some odd comforts as well; it provides warm showers, a cup of hot tea, music and games, contact with friends and loved ones, and somewhere in there is a good book or two. However, there is a very severe limit on the amount that one can carry along - every ounce counts!

Click on the links below to learn more about my gear:

Total weight of gear:

  • Trailer (16 lb) + Bag, including food (40 lb) = 56 lb
  • Rear Panniers, including water (9 lb) + Handlebar bag (6 lb) = 24 lb
  • TOTAL WEIGHT OF GEAR = 80 lb + Bike (32 lb)

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