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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Stinky Feet Project by donating to the Trans Canada Trail!

Although you can donate any amount, you can sponsor a metre of the trail for every $25 increment you donate. For a donation of $50, this entitles you to a Trail certificate and an inscription in one of the TCT pavilions in the province or territory of your choice! And of course, you'll also get a nifty tax receipt!

Ready to donate? The Trans Canada Trail has been nice enough to set up a donation page to collect donations specifically for the Stinky Feet Project:


Thanks to everyone who has sponsored the TCT. Supporters who have sponsored at least 1 metre of trail are listed in bold, but all of these supporters are equally amazing!

  • N. Tardif of Kingston, ON (8 metres)
  • D. Anderson of Toronto, ON (8 metres)
  • C. Columb of Ottawa, ON (4 metres)
  • J. Dubois of Ottawa, ON (4 metres)
  • P. Butler of North Vancouver, BC (4 metres)
  • J. Robinson of West Vancouver, BC (4 metres)
  • T. Hammett of Victoria, BC (2 metres)
  • P. Black of Victoria, BC (2 metres)
  • C. Shantry of Olds, AB (2 metres)
  • J. Hatt of Ajax, ON (2 metres)
  • C. Webber of Victoria, BC (2 metres)
  • B. Thomson of Pickering, ON (2 metres)
  • S. Testart of Kingston, ON (2 metres)
  • H. Webber of Pickering, ON (1 metre)
  • M. Hatt of Ajax, ON (1 metre)
  • J. Tegler-Del Campo of Delray Beach, FL (1 metre)
  • S. Archibald of Antigonish, NS (1 metre)
  • R. Raynsford of West Vancouver, BC (1 metre)
  • R. Pestl of Toronto, ON (1 metre)
  • C. Lackey of Calgary, AB (1 metre)
  • V. Guy of Brighton, ON (1 metre)
  • A. McBurney of Nelson, BC (roadside cash donation)
  • H. Lira of Kenora, ON (roadside cash donation)
  • J. Flewwelling of Musquodoboit Harbour, NS (roadside cash donation)
Update (January 2012): Thanks again to everyone for the support! In January, the Trans Canada Trail unveiled their 2012 calendar which featured a photo of mine for April. That's Nominingue Station on the P'tit Train du Nord trail, north of Montreal. Complimentary calendars were mailed to 10 of my generous fundraising supporters (chosen at random)!

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