Biking Across Canada: Finally... the Stinky Feet Project continues!
May 1, 2011 Victoria, BC

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Get the Game Face On!

In less than 2 weeks, I will begin traveling across Canada by bicycle. This 100-day journey will cover up to 7500 km, starting from Victoria, British Columbia on May 12, 2011.

There are three objectives of the journey:

• Raise funds for the Trans Canada Trail
• Harvest solar power to supply 100% of my electricity needs
• Share compelling and entertaining stories/photos about Canada.

I should probably add "pedaling my brains out" to that list.

Yes, it's going to be a blast! I'll be equipped with a GPS receiver, camera and laptop, so you can expect all the ridiculous stories that you've come to expect from me along the way. The best part is, these stories will be completely powered by solar electricity (for the electronics) as well as junk food and beer (for me).

My Ride - and home for 100 days!

As mentioned above, the main purpose of the journey is to raise funds for the Trans Canada Trail, and for the first month I'll be bringing stories from British Columbia's portion of the trail. Don't forget to subscribe in order to receive updates and blog entries automatically to your e-mail inbox!

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My Training Days are numbered!

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To learn more about the journey, including route maps, fundraising info, and my equipment list, feel free to explore the rest of my web site.

Thanks for joining the adventure!