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Fire Adventure
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Earth Adventure
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A 15,000 km Journey Along the Andes
Status: Adventure Completed!
Result: Fundraising goal of $500 reached.

Earth. A finite and the fragile element. An opportunity to learn more about one's limits and strengths.

On November 1, 2005, I stepped over the equator in Quito, Ecuador. For the next 6 months, I was to travel from the middle of the Earth to the infamous southern tip, Cape Horn, using whatever means necessary.

It was a memorable journey, and feel free to share it with me by watching any of the films below. By selling hard copies of these videos to family and friends, I was able to raise over $500 which in turn was donated to charity.


About The Films

The cause: To raise funds for SOS Children's Villages in Latin America!
The means: A 2-hour cinematic experience featuring 16 short films!
The result: Fundraising goal of $500 surpassed!

Busco Gusto: Along the Andes is a collection of films inspired by the Earth journey through South America. Along the Andes raised funds for SOS Children's Villages Canada - a foundation striving for children to grow up in a solid and dependable environment.

This contribution directly finances sustainable, non-denominational social projects in the countries visited on this adventure, most particularly their "Callao, Peru" project. You can read about this project here (link opens in new window).


The Films
FILM SET #1: Equator to the Yungas
The first few steps over the equator, heading south through the land of the Inca.
[watch the intro to this set]



Part 1:
The Equator
[watch film]

Part 2:
San Pedro Experience
[watch film]

Part 3:
The Colca Canyon
[watch film]

Part 4:
The Sacred Valley
[watch film]




Part 5:
Machu Picchu
[watch film]

Part 6:
Northern Altiplano
[watch film]

Part 7:
The Yungas
[watch film]

FILM SET #2: The Amazon to Patagonia
From the hot and humid rainforest to high altitude plains to bone dry deserts to the wild wilderness of Patagonia.
[watch the intro to this set]




Part 8:
Amazon Rainforest
[watch film]

Part 9:
Southern Altiplano
[watch film]

Part 10:
The Atacama Desert
[watch film]

Part 11:
[watch film]

FILM SET #3: Torres del Paine to Buenos Aires
From the rugged, extreme tip of South America and climax of the journey, north to Buenos Aires for a little tango!
[watch the intro to this set]





Part 12:
Torres del Paine
[watch film]

Part 13:
Tierra del Fuego
[watch film]

Part 14:
Cape Horn
[watch film]

Part 15:
Buenos Aires
[watch film]

credits Thank you for watching!
Part 16:
and Outtakes
[watch film]

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